photo(13)Catharine Kennedy, Engraver

After graduating from college in 1970 with a liberal arts degree, I became a carpenter and graduated from the Union Carpenter apprenticeship program in 1982. Eventually I found that my professional niche and personal delight were in the field of hand tools, their decoration and use. My passion was reinforced when I became the lead woodworker at Hancock Shaker Village museum in Pittsfield, Massachusetts in 1994, demonstrating 19th-Century hand-tool joinery and woodworking tools in general. I have studied hand engraving with Sam Alfano,  Marcus Hunt, and Christian DeCamillis, all masters in the field.

As I continue to explore the design and development of scroll work, and to become more involved with the practice of engraving, the more I realize that this is a journey which will happily last me the rest of my life. It’s all good!

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